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Kailey Swanson
LA is a far cry from the mountains of Kentucky, but for Outlaw Country Artist, Kailey Swanson, her love of singing country ballads was nurtured at a young age by her grandmother and soon realized she had a natural gift for songs and storytelling. Kailey was born in Las Vegas and then moved to the west coast, but her extended family and heritage is deeply rooted in Southern culture, and she never eschewed her visceral country roots. It has all been a part of her passionate and personal journey. And now firmly planted in Los Angeles, the music world is taking notice of this remarkable talent.

Working closely with her new music producing team, Jared Sagal and Niles Thomas of "Section 7", Kailey has penned her best songs to date – many hearkening back to her upbringing on country and gospel. These are songs that descend into the deepest, darkest chasms of her soul and expunging her late-night musings for public display. In a world where the new country is a mix of back beats, rap-rock and super slick Nashville production, Kailey has chosen a different road. Gambling on a demographic that is yearning for down-home roots filled with storytelling songs. The kind of Patsy Cline country her grandma used to play while she was baking in the kitchen.

"We consider her as an Outlaw Country Artist", says Jared and Niles of Section 7, "Kailey is definitely unique and one of the coolest country artists to date".

FEB 12 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
Coors Stage - San Antonio, TX
6PM Details
FEB 13 CBS Saturday Morning Show
CBS TV Studios - San Antonio, TX
MAR 19 Country Thursdays at Gaslamp
Long Beach, CA
6PM Details
JUL 11 Camarillo Fiesta Days Festival 7PM Details
JUL 16 CD Release Party 6PM Details
JUL 18 Line Dancer Country Music Festival
Live at Gaslamp
6PM Details
JUL 25 Go Country 105 FM
Country Showdown
Live at Knott's Berry Farm
7PM Details

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